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(The fanfic Archie, that is)
by Susie

I use the great works of Shel Silverstein as a background,
specifically his poem "Sick". So here goes!

"I cannot go and sail at sea"
Said little Archie Kennedy
"I have fits and aching guts
Assaults and burns and lots of cuts
Iím going deaf, my eyes are blind
Now somethingís poked me in the eye
My bruises are as big as rocks
Iím surprised Iíve no smallpox
I remember of my tortures past
Iíve fallen from up on the mast
My legs all break, I have heat stroke
This really isnít a big joke
 I cough, hiccup, and cry in the dark
My leg is bit off by a shark
I have bad migraines in my head
I might be better suited dead
Iím always doused, my bodyís sprained
And now my blood is being drained
My chest is shot, my toes are smushed
I panic when Iím being rushed
My head is hurt, concussed again
Iíve never felt such awful pain
Iím dehydrated near to death
Those authors never let me rest
Possessed by demons, a vampire too
Now Iím stung by jellyfish, ew!
Struck by lightning, personality split
And am I getting a big zit?
I have a fever, and my brain isówhat?
Whatís that? Whatís that you say?
You say that Iím not dead today?
Hey hey, letís all go celebrate!"

(Thanks to Loje for the porthole image!)

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