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Links to other sites dedicated to (or at least
connected with) the joy that is Archie.

A&E's official Hornblower site, with cast interviews, behind the scenes
info, photos, and other stuff.  Apart from the very prolific message boards,
there's no longer a damned thing about Archie to be found here (blame it
on HH3)... but still, this is where it all began and so deserves a prime link.

Exactly what it says. Here you will find Angsty Archie, Aesthetic Archie, Amiable
Archie, Angry Archie, Absurdist Archie ... Basically an Archie for all seasons. For
what more could anyone ask?

A site devoted to the A&E Hornblower Message Board posters, and to the objects of
their affections. Archie is on ample display in the song parodies, the Star Wars parodies,
the Bamber Gallery, and more.

A site with mucho screencaps, a great sense of humor, articles, a forum,
and (my personal favorite) the intriguingly titled "Fun Stuff."  

One of the earliest Jamie sites ever launched.  It contains some real scoops,
among them a handwritten letter and a most illuminating questionnaire.

Our men. We wish!!!!!
... And one of the newest Jamie sites.  More scoops here: the latest
publicity photo and a new (and equally illuminating) questionnaire.

Another new Jamie site.  It's in Dutch, but some things transcend
language, don't they?  Don't they??!!  <g>

And another new Jamie site.  Very tasteful, great pictures, scans of letters,
to the point on everything.  Now includes "Archie's Keepers List."

And yet another new Jamie site.  Lots of pictures, bio, etc.  A rather
interesting set of banners, too!

This is a site with an explicitly stated mission: the "prevention of cruelty to Archie."
  Surely a worthy goal -- although it may put a lot of h/c fanfic writers out of business!

A message board for discussing the Hornblower books and movies.  Jane Austen
buffs will probably enjoy it, too.  The subject of Archie pops up from time to time ...

Jamie gets a page to himself on this site and answers yet another
questionnaire.  Poor guy, we're picking his brain down to its very neurons!

Definitive Horatio
Hornblower Website
Character sketches, fan fiction, and screencaps.  Archie is given his due and gets
a photo page of his own.  Manages the remarkable feat of actually presenting
a dispassionate discussion of Mariette.


  HH FIC                 BAMBER

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