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Sidekick: n. [slang] 1) a close friend, 2) a confederate

Such simple words, and often entirely fitting -- for often a sidekick is a simple character. Therefore one cannot help but applaud the courage of A&E/Meridian Television, when they chose to equip the complicated titular hero of their hugely expensive miniseries Horatio Hornblower with an equally complicated sidekick: the one and only Archie Kennedy. The goal of this symposium is to foster an appreciation for all things Archie: his origins and development as a television character, his many subsequent literary manifestations, and his multifaceted charm. It is my sincere hope that you will emerge from the experience with an enhanced understanding of and enthusiasm for the study of Archieology.

Extracurricular gushing is both understood and indulged. Nay, encouraged.

Oh, and -- the opinions expressed herein are only mine, no copyright infringement is intended, no profiting is intended, no Archies were injured during the making of this web site, if not fully satisfied please return unused portion to manufacturer, objects in mirror are closer than they appear, bridge freezes before road surface, dolphin-safe, yadda yadda yadda.

Now on to the syllabus!

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So just what does Archie do in C. S. Forester's novels, anyway?

And what does Archie do in A&E's miniseries? A shamelessly Archieological episode guide.

Archie in the eyes of his beholders (the gush pages).

Persistent debates about Archie's history, health, character, and general sanity are addressed.

In which the Crumpeteers shed Crumpet Tears.

Jamie Bamber, the man behind Da Man.

The world of Hornblower Fan Fiction, and Archie's place in it.

This site IS meant to be educational, after all ...

Commedia dell'Arch: a sampling of parodies and general silliness.

Links to other sites dedicated to (or at least connected with) the joy that is Archie.

ANNOUNCEMENT 7/15/06: Due to a spammer-hijacking problem, the Guestbook has
been discontinued.  Thanks to everyone who has signed an entry over the years.

This site launched December 28, 2000.
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Thanks to A&E/Meridian Television for giving us the wonderful Hornblower series, and to the cast and crew for making it such an unforgettable experience. Also thanks to all the Hornblower web sites, web mistresses/masters, mailing lists, list cap'ns, and archive maintainers, from whom I derived both inspiration and a lot of material. And (since I don't have the tools or the chops to do screen caps) a tremendous thanks to Alice for most of  the HH2 images, and to Isobel Hunter for most of the HH1 images.

No copyright infringement intended, to A&E/Meridian or to anyone.

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